Why You Should Consider Leasing Car In Penang

Be it a family trip or a pleasure cum business journey, leasing vehicle can always be beneficial as it offers many essential facilities while traveling, particularly if you looking to the new destination. In the peak season such as summer time, many tourists look for leasing cars. Therefore, you should also think to lease vehicle if you are planning a trip. However, it is important to look for an affordable service provider. Naturally, you will prefer to spend much on food as well as on inn, rather on leasing vehicle. Therefore, we have jotted down some of the tips how you can save cash on vehicle rentals airport.

Pick a Cheaper Vehicle

Many vehicle rental ventures’ site provide a vehicle with the prefixed price of rentals. The prices of the car rental are formally posted on the websites of agencies. You need to check all such sites and compare price and look at the cheap and best package. As a smart customer, do not rush on booking packages. If you want to reduce your expenses then you have to do research and then look for the best deal.

Usually, the inexpensive car models may not the newest model or extremely fashionable. You may wish to verify sites of ventures to check the discounted or coupe codes available on such inexpensive models. On inspection, one might also notice the rental price for a vehicle vary during weekends and weekdays. So, choose thoroughly.

Smaller Vehicle Rental Chains


It is natural that big vehicle leasing ventures with worldwide reputation have advanced car-leasing features than smaller or local ventures. You just need to ask the airport help desk or staff, where you wish to stay, your name as well as an address of local rental ventures. These local rental chains are very cheap as compare to big chains.

Off-Airport Vehicle Rentals

It is usually noticed that many vehicle rental ventures are located in the airport complexes. Car rental in Penang has very expensive quotation since the clients have no other option but to lease a vehicle only by them. So, if you want to save your money either book in advance (if you are in the hurry on the business trip) or look for off-airport vehicle rentals.

These off-airport vehicle ventures offer vehicle at the low price. You may have to travel through bus or subway a little in order to find out these companies.

Advance Booking (it really helps)

Likewise, airlines, that provides cheaper price for booking in advance, there are many car leasing companies offers great discount for booking in advance. So, book one or two months before the actual departure. Although, there are few rules of online payment that you need to keep in mind. In case, if you cancel bookings last time then vehicle rental ventures deduct some fixed amount and then refund your money. Preferably, at times, it helps in getting good discount, with the guarantee, and the vehicle provide by the company is well maintained.

Riding the Wave To Indonesia

seafoodIn case you are dreaming to escape from the bustling city, then it is better to the holiday resort in Indonesia. In order to experience a beach vacation, it is better to approach Batam. Though it is small, it is known to be among the busiest islands. It will be possible to get into this tropical gateway for fetching the fun associated with unique leisure and the recreation complex known to feature a wide range of attractions and activities for all.

Places to Visit in Batam after Hiring Reliable Singapore to Indonesia Ferry

Situated at a distance of maximum 20 km from Singapore, Batam will be an ideal destination for people looking around for a quick vacation by hiring a good and reliable ferry ticket to batam. Some of the best things to do after setting foot on the island of Batam include:

  • Enjoying a top rated golf course – For the golf enthusiasts, Batam has proved to be the best choice. You can enjoy some of the beautiful golf courses along with some high-class facilities. Visiting some of the places like the Indah Puri Golf Resort will boast a championship 18-hole course. This place which lies in greenery and is fully surrounded by water. It has been solely notable by Ronald Fream, a reputed golf architect. Another recommended resort for golf includes the Batam Hills Golf Resort which is truly a part of the Waterfront City Development.

  • Indulging in scrumptious seafood dishes
    – Batam is considered to be among the supreme for providing some of the exceptional seafood items in Indonesia. One of the best dining options here includes the Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant on the Jalan Bengkong Laut. It offers an array of seafood dishes which is free from preservatives and fresh in condition. Some of the bestsellers include steamed fish, chilli crabs, king prawns along with the endemic gong gong sea snails.
  • beach-front-hotelSavoring a taste of paradise in a charming resort – Staying in one of the best resorts in Batam is considered to be the most enjoyable choice. The Turi Beach Resort beckons the guests to immerse in a tranquil tropical paradise as it offers beachfront accommodations. You can easily bask in the pristine beauty of nature while enjoying the impeccable services of the hotels. You can also enjoy wakeboarding, windsurfing and parasailing in the northern part of the island.

  • Visiting the sacred sites in order to know about the Indonesian culture
    – Visiting the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya is a revealed landmark in Batam due to which it attracts thousands of devotees and travelers from all around the world. It is considered to be among the largest Buddhist temples in South East Asia. The housing of the majestic statue of Buddha along with featured images of Guan Yin will definitely leave a memorable stamp on your mind.

Looking at ferry schedule

Most of the ferry services from Singapore to Batam have high speed catamarans.

The total journey from Singapore to Batam on water is of 30 kilometers. The interiors of the ferries have a comfortable and modern environment. Some of the ferries also provide the passengers with the option of buying foods and refreshments.


This route on water is the fastest route for reaching Batam from Singapore or vice -versa. The valuable time of the passengers are saved if one opts the route of the ferry. The ferries have their own charge for the trips which includes the tax of the seaports of the both sides.

The schedules and timetables of the ferries running from Batam to Singapore and the opposite can be found on the terminals itself. These schedules are important for the visitors and the passengers of Singapore as they will provide the people with the correct knowledge regarding the timing of the ferries. The valuable time of the passengers are not wasted with the help of these schedules.